Indiba Body Contouring

Reshape the safe way, INDIBA Proionic Face and Body Care

INDIBA is a radiofrequency treatment, using Proionic® radiofrequency, which offers pleasant and effective treatments for facial and body enhancements. INDIBA is indicated for skin tightening, cellulite reduction, body contouring and pre/post-surgery applications. The Proionic® radiofrequency treatment triggers biological responses within the body that lead to tissue regeneration and fat reduction whilst respecting natural cell physiology.

INDIBA re-establishes microcirculation and improves the oxygen flow within the tissue. This produces a stimulation of the neocollagenesis process of the skin. In addition vasodilation and hyperactivation provide more nutrients to the fibroblasts and increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the two main proteins of the skin.

The INDIBA Deep Care treatment produces an improvement of skin laxity, moisture, smoothness and regeneration. In the body, with microcirculation re-established and improvement in oxygen flow, the deep fat cells quickly lose volume, the waste products and toxins are eliminated and liquid retention (oedema, haematoma and lymphatic drainage) is reduced. INDIBA promotes fast and deep tissue regeneration with visible results from the first session. There is no downtime with Indiba treatments.

Patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatments. Indiba treatments are safe for all skin types.

  • Skin Tightening
  • Body Contouring
  • Pre and Post-Surgery
  • Reduction of Pain and Inflammation

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