Face slimming with Botulinum toxin

Reshape your look the safe way

Square jaws can be due to genetics (born with angular or square mandible – jaw bones) or due to masseter hypertrophy. The masseter muscles are the main muscle responsible for chewing. They are situated at the sided of our faces. Over the years, these muscles can get enlarged giving the appearance of the square jaw. Softening the angular appearance of that strong jaw will lessen the masculine appearance and give a more oval and gentle, feminine facial shape.

Bruxism is habitual chewing and clenching teeth. Such patients habitually do this when they sleep at night so they are not even aware of it. This condition causes their teeth to be worn down and they can suffer from pain in the temporomandibular joints. Needless to say, many of these patients have masseter hypertrophy.

Traditionally, surgical jaw reduction was the only way to change the shape of the lower face. In this procedure, part of the mandible is cut to narrow the jaw. The procedure is invasive, painful and requires lengthy downtime.

Botulinium toxin injections have been shown to be a safe and effective way to reduce the masseter muscles. Because Botox partially weakens it, the muscle becomes smaller with time. Thus the angles of the jaws become less square and the overall shape of the lower face more oval. The other effect is that a weaker muscle is not able to grind like it used to, so bruxism also ceases.

The procedure is quick, relatively painless, and requires no anaesthesia or downtime.

It is important to note the jaw reduction treatment using botulinium toxin should not result in weakness of the bite or chewing when used in appropriate doses. The effects can be seen relatively quickly. However it may take up to six months before the visible shrinking of the muscle can be observed.

Botulinium toxin injections should be repeated every 4 months for up to a year in order to obtain optimal results. Jawline reduction is often maintained even if no further Botox injections are done after the first year of treatment.

Combining Botulinium toxin jaw slimming procedure with botulinium toxin injections to the chin or chin fillers to lengthen the chin will further enhance the appearance of the much-desired V-shaped face.


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