Tear Trough

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The area between the lower eyelid and upper cheek is referred to as the ‘Tear Trough’.

A prominent tear trough deformity is characterised by a sunken appearance of the eye that results in the casting of a dark shadow over the lower eyelid, giving one a fatigued appearance despite adequate rest, and is not easily concealed by cosmetics.

Tear trough deformity invariably develops as we age. This is a normal part of the ageing process. However, tear trough deformity is a major concern in a lot of individuals seeking periorbital rejuvenation. Treatment may include strengthening the upper cheek to support the area as well as treating the Tear Trough itself for the best cosmetic result. Now these treatments can be easily and safely delivered with dermal fillers for a soft and natural correction. These fillers can last from 6 months to up to one year. The strength of the skin in this area is another factor to consider and you may be recommended a treatment to improve the quality of the skin ranging from a topical treatment to radio frequency skin tightening.


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